How to Obtain Digital School Documents from India through Truecopy


Higher education documentation is becoming increasingly digitized around the world. As students set their sights on the United States to continue their studies and/or find work, both students and the institutions they are applying to will need efficient access to student records. The traditional process of reaching out to an institution and requesting official copies is beginning to change as digitization becomes more widespread. It has the potential to make the international application process smoother and more secure.

For students who come from India (around 18% of all international students in the United States), it can sometimes be problematic trying to obtain documents directly from a school. The amount of time that it takes to receive documents via mail can be both inefficient and expensive. Thankfully, there is a service that can make this process exceptionally easier.

Scholaro has partnered with Truecopy credentials to electronically send applicant transcripts directly to Scholaro. Truecopy is a service for students in India to send their transcripts electronically. They have experience assisting students from many issuing universities throughout the country. It can be seen on Truecopy’s homepage that Scholaro is listed as one of their top recipients.

Applicants need to contact Truecopy if they wish to have their documents sent to a given institution. When following the steps on Truecopy’s website, applicants will receive a link where they can specify the designated recipient of their transcripts. Truecopy handles verification of applicant’s documents with the issuing institution thanks to the help of their dedicated verification team. Then, after documents are successfully verified, Truecopy certifies and uploads the documents to a receiver portal for the receiving institution. From here, the recipient institution should be able to access the documents.

Their service is accepted by many institutions in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Many Receivers have mentioned Truecopy on their webpage where they have specified the methods of sending documents to the Receiver. The overall cost for document processing and delivery is $20.00 USD. 

Truecopy is easy to use and can save you time and money when providing your transcripts to Scholaro. They will follow up with you to confirm when your documents have been sent.

It is also important to check Truecopy’s complete list of higher education institutions that they obtain documents from. However, Truecopy can assist applicants even if the name of their university is not on Truecopy’s list. Their support team is also responsive and helpful.

The documents Truecopy will require depends on the institution to which student wishes to send their documents to. Scholaro just needs the provisional/degree certificate or diploma, and transcripts or marks sheets for a course-by-course evaluation.

Attempting to provide your documents directly to evaluation services can sometimes involve hurdles and delays. Student copies and provisional documents provided by institutions are sometimes difficult to verify. Scholaro and other U.S. institutions may have to request the institution to mail hard copies, which can take weeks to arrive, potentially after a given deadline.

With Truecopy, transcripts can be delivered within 2 business days. It may take over 5 business days for courier services to send hard copies of documents directly from universities in India, and some institutions have been known to take even longer. Truecopy’s turnaround time is 4-5 business days after the verification of the credentials. With Truecopy, we have an even greater capability of providing your evaluation without any delay.

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