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  • One GPA report and one degree report
  • Access to 400+ standard and 180+ premium grading scales
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  • Unlimited GPA calculations for one student
  • 15 GPA and degree reports*
  • Access to 400+ standard and 180+ premium grading scales
  • Reports can be validated online
  • *Additional reports upon request

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GPA Report

Calculate United States Grade Point Average from any country in the world.

  • Create GPA report instantly
  • Save as PDF
  • Update at any time
  • Share with schools
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Degree Report

Get the United States equivalent of your diploma or degree from any country in the world.

  • Create degree report instantly
  • Includes total U.S. credit hours*
  • Save as PDF
  • High School, Bachelor's, Master's, PhD
  • Share with schools and employers
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*Credit hours not available for high school level or below.

Smart Recommendations

Get grading scale recommendations for schools, colleges, and universities in over 100 countries.

  • Instant access to all new grading scale recommendations
  • Reviewed by Scholaro international education specialists*

*Grading scales may vary based on the program and year of study and may not be available for some insitutions.

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