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The best way for an international student to get accepted to a U.S. college is to work through educational institutions in the student's home country. Funding, student aid and scholarship opportunities are limited and require a high level of resourcefulness.

Higher education in the United States makes it possible for anyone to get a degree but what you do with that opportunity is the difference between a college degree and unpaid college debts.

Responding to declining enrollments in study abroad programs.

Traveling and summer go together like baseball and Coca-Cola!

The basis of Mandarin Chinese helps English language learners get past their fears and gain a better understanding of how to learn Chinese.

There's more to Chinese than the Alphabet, for English speakers Chinese is more about the sound it makes.

Don't let money keep you home. Consider traveling, learning a new language or looking for adventures while you volunteer and help others.

Trusted sources that identify the accreditation status of postsecondary education programs and institutions.

False advertisement and deceitful tricks are all part of the game diploma mills use in an industry that earns more than $200 billion dollars each year. Learn how to spy a diploma mill.

Invest in furthering your education and avoid the predators of higher education.

Northern Africa's higher education systems have double in size over the last decade and public universities tuition costs range from as low as $30 USD to $250 per year to more than $22,000 USD in Ghana.

Nigeria's Federal universities offer tuition free programs to Nigerians and minimal tuition fees for foreign students (200 - 300 USD per year).

Universities in Australia and New Zealand offer high quality post-secondary degree programs that are internationally recognized and transferable to both the United States and United Kingdom. Tuition costs at these universities are less expensive and students enjoy the inexpensive living costs as well as, the countries high living standards.

Argentina's public universities offer tuition free undergraduate programs that are internationally recognized for their quality and degree validity.

The number of countries offering free tuition for post-secondary education is diminishing, however many countries offer very low tuition frees for international students.
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