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The Ugandan education system – British-patterned, but with its own exams and unique features

Uganda’s education system is primarily based on the British system, stemming from their past as a protectorate of the British Empire that ended in 1962.
Senior Secondary Education in Nigeria: Comparing and Contrasting Credentials

It is not uncommon for students to take both the WASSCE and SSCE examinations. There is no special benefit to completing both, although it could help the student with getting admitted into a university with the right number of passes.
How to Convert Grades from India: A Brief Overview

In 2019, the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in India reported that the number of Indian students studying at higher education institutions in the United States had topped over 200,000—a new record.
How much are ECTS, CATS, and SAQA credits worth?

One of our most frequently asked questions at Scholaro is around the conversion of higher education credits from one country system to another. Many feel that in conversion, their credit loses the value that it held in the original system.
Can I get into US graduate programs with a 3 year Bachelor’s degree from another country?

When looking into graduate school programs in the United States, many international students come across the same problem: their Bachelor’s degree was three years rather than four. This can be alarming for students when they are already stressed about applying to graduate programs.
Breaking from Tradition, International Collaborative Universities in China

China remains the overwhelming majority within the international student community, occupying over 35% of all foreign students studying in the U.S. across different levels of education, almost double the share of the second place India at 18%.
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