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High quality higher education opportunities in India may be increasing the desire for Indians to study abroad. Colleges and universities have limited capacity to meet the demands for higher education.

The cost of higher education in India is significantly different in a public institution as compared to fees charged in private institutions. However, for a student to obtain the skills required to be marketable, Indian colleges and universities must change their systematic approach to teaching and learning.

Educational reform in India's higher education institutions focuses on changing governmental control, improving the quality of academic programs, eliminating the injustices of poor quality private institutions and developing programs in science, technology, education, medicine and agriculture that are committed to high standards.

Foreign study in post-secondary education continues to provide students with opportunities that they do not have access to in their countries of origin. Students are motivated to study abroad by the desire for a high quality education, the need for financial assistance and the availability of diverse educational opportunities in foreign countries.

What to expect when enrolling in a college program in the United States.

Challenges of public education in India and its impact on college training.
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