Credential Evaluation

General $99.00
Includes one equivalency. Does not include credits, grades, or GPA.

Course-by-Course $189.00
Includes one equivalency with credits, grades, and GPA (recommended).

Each additional degree/program $99.00
Select if you have more than one diploma or degree program.

Rush Service

3-Day Rush $89.00

Next-Day Rush $179.00

Same-Day Rush $250.00

Additional Services

Certification for USCIS $15.00
Signed statement of certification recommended for USCIS purposes.

Include Copies of Documents $20.00
Include copies of documents used for evaluation with your report.

Electronic Copy $0.00
This option will allow you to download an electronic copy of the evaluation report from our website.

U.S. Shipping

FedEx Overnight $40.00
Overnight to most areas

Standard 2-Day $10.00
2 business days to most areas

Canada Shipping

International Ground $25.00
2 to 7 business days

International Shipping

International Shipping $40.00
Delivery time varies based on area

Certified Translation

English Translation $50.00

Report Types

General Course-by-Course
US Equivalency
Program Details
Institution Information*
Country Chart
Course/Subject Names
US Credits
US Grades
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Recommended ForEmployment
College Admission
Federal Employment
Immigration RFE
Certification for USCISOptionalOptional
Rush ServiceOptionalOptional
Sealed EnvelopeOptionalOptional
Electronic CopyIncludedIncluded
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*If available. Not included for High School level programs.
**University level programs only. High School accreditation information not included.
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