Senegal Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat de Fin d'Etudes ElémentairesCertificate of Completed Elementary EducationSubscribe
Certificate of End of Primary and Elementary StudiesCertificate of Completed Primary and Basic EducationSubscribe
Brevet d'Etudes du Premier CycleCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationSubscribe
Certificat d'Aptitude ProfessionnelleCertificate of Professional CompetenceSubscribe
Brevet de Fin d'Etudes MoyennesCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationSubscribe
Diplôme d’Agent Technique AgricoleTechnician Diploma in AgricultureSubscribe
Certificat Elémentaire d'Aptitude PédagogiqueCertificate of Elementary School TeacherSubscribe
Brevet de TechnicienTechnician CertificateSubscribe
Diplôme de Bachelier TechnicienDiploma of Technical BaccalaureateSubscribe
Capacité en DroitCertificate in LawSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude PedagogiqueCertificate of Elementary School TeacherSubscribe
Brevet de Technicien SupérieurHigher Technician CertificateSubscribe
Diplôme Universitaire ďEtudes LittérairesUniversity Diploma in Literary EducationSubscribe
Diplôme Universitaire de TechnologieUniversity Diploma in TechnologySubscribe
Licence ProfessionnelleProfessional LicentiateSubscribe
Certificat de Aptitude a ľEnseignment MoyenCertificate of Lower Secondary EducationSubscribe
Diplôme ďIngénieurDiploma in EngineeringSubscribe
Maîtrise en Sciences EconomiquesMaster in EconomicsSubscribe
MaîtriseMaster's DegreeSubscribe
Master 1 en Sciences de GestionMaster's Degree in ManagementSubscribe
Certificat d'Etudes SpecialesCertificate of Special StudiesSubscribe
Diplôme de PharmacienDiploma in PharmacySubscribe
Maîtrise en DroitMaster in LawSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en Chirurgie DentaireState Diploma in Dental SurgerySubscribe
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en MédecineState Diploma in MedicineSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en Médecine VétérinaireState Diploma in Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Diplôme d'Etudes ApprofondiesDiploma of Advanced StudiesSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtudes Supérieures SpécialiséesDiploma of Higher Specialized StudiesSubscribe
Mastére en Banque et FinanceMaster in Banking and FinanceSubscribe
Doctorat de Troisième CycleDoctorateSubscribe
Doctorat ďEtatState DoctorateSubscribe
Doctorat ďUniversité sur TravauxUniversity DoctorateSubscribe

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