Myanmar Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Basic Education Standard VIII ExaminationBasic Education Standard VIII ExaminationSubscribe
Basic Education Standard X Examination Diploma ABasic Education Standard X Examination Diploma ASubscribe
Basic Education Standard X Examination Diploma BBasic Education Standard X Examination Diploma BSubscribe
Matriculation ExaminationMatriculation ExaminationSubscribe
Certificate of EducationCertificate of EducationSubscribe
AGTI CertificateAGTI CertificateSubscribe
Diploma from the Institute of Paramedical StudiesDiploma from the Institute of Paramedical StudiesSubscribe
Diploma of EducationDiploma of EducationSubscribe
Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of ArtsSubscribe
Bachelor of CommerceBachelor of CommerceSubscribe
Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of ScienceSubscribe
Diploma from a technical instituteDiploma from a technical instituteSubscribe
Bachelor of Arts HonoursBachelor of Arts HonoursSubscribe
Bachelor of EducationBachelor of EducationSubscribe
Bachelor of EngineeringBachelor of EngineeringSubscribe
Bachelor of Nursing ScienceBachelor of Nursing ScienceSubscribe
Bachelor of Paramedical SciencesBachelor of Paramedical SciencesSubscribe
Bachelor of TechnologyBachelor of TechnologySubscribe
Bachelor of Dental SurgeryBachelor of Dental SurgerySubscribe
Bachelor of LawsBachelor of LawsSubscribe
Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of SurgeryBachelor of Medicine Bachelor of SurgerySubscribe
Bachelor of PharmacyBachelor of PharmacySubscribe
Bachelor of Veterinary ScienceBachelor of Veterinary ScienceSubscribe
Postgraduate Diploma in EducationPostgraduate Diploma in EducationSubscribe
Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia ArtsPostgraduate Diploma in Multimedia ArtsSubscribe
Master of ArtsMaster of ArtsSubscribe
Master of ScienceMaster of ScienceSubscribe
Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of PhilosophySubscribe

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