Lebanon Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
High School Diploma Subscribe
Baccalaureate Part IBaccalauréat Part ISubscribe
Baccalaureate in EducationBaccalauréat ďenseignementSubscribe
Baccalaureate Part IIBaccalauréat Part IISubscribe
Lebanese BaccalaureateBaccalauréat LibanaiseSubscribe
Technical BaccalaureateBaccalauréat techniqueSubscribe
Certificate in Radiologic Technology Subscribe
Diploma in NursingDiplôme ďEtat Francais ďinfirmiersSubscribe
Diploma of General University StudiesDiplôme ďétudes universitaires généralesSubscribe
Diploma of Preparatory Scientific StudiesDiplôme ďétudes scientifiques préparatoiresSubscribe
Specialized Diploma in BankingDiplôme ďétudes techniques de banqueSubscribe
University Diploma in TechnologyDiplôme universitaire de technologieSubscribe
Diploma in Insurance ManagementDiplôme ďétudes techniques ďassuranceSubscribe
Diploma of Applied AgricultureDiplôme ďagronomie appliquéeSubscribe
Senior TechnicianTechnicien supérieurSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree Subscribe
Diploma in BankingDiplôme ďétudes supérieur de banqueSubscribe
License in EducationLicence ďenseignementSubscribe
License in Technical EducationLicence ďenseignement techniqueSubscribe
Diploma in General MedicineDiplôme en médecine généraleSubscribe
Doctor of DentistryDocteur de médecine dentaireSubscribe
Doctor of PharmacyDocteur de pharmacieSubscribe
Certificate of Professional Aptitude in Higher EducationCertificat ďaptitude professional ďeducation supérieurSubscribe
Diploma of Advanced StudiesDiplôme ďétudes approfondiesSubscribe
Diploma of Higher StudiesDiplôme ďétudes supérieuresSubscribe
Master's DegreeMagistereSubscribe
Master's DegreeMaîtriseSubscribe
Doctorate in LettersDoctorat en lettresSubscribe
First Cycle DoctorateDoctorat de première cycleSubscribe
State DoctorateDoctorat ďEtatSubscribe
Third Cycle DoctorateDoctorat de troisième cycleSubscribe

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