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How to Become a Teacher at a University

Many institutions in countries across different continents award doctoral-level (sometimes called “third-level” or “third-cycle”) degrees, and anyone that possesses the equivalent of a US doctoral degree could potentially become a professor or lecturer at a university.
Teacher Salaries: What to Expect in the Beginning and How to Get a Raise Later On

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the nation-wide average salary for public elementary and secondary school teachers from 2014 to 2015 was $ 58,950, down slightly from previous years’ averages according to the data. Each state may tend to have salary averages that deviate significantly (or barely) from the national average.
How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Illinois

To become a substitute teacher in Illinois, professionals must obtain a substitute license. This is a relatively straight-forward process. These certifications last several years, and have basic requirements outlined on ISBE’s (Illinois State Board of Education) website.
Guide to Alternative Teacher Certification

The teacher shortage in America is a significant issue which is only likely to get worse in the future. No subject area has seemingly been spared the shortage. Many states have implemented and leaned into a variety of alternative routes to teacher certification in an attempt to cope with the problem.
How to Get U.S. Teacher Certification

Anybody who wants to teach in the United States likely knows that they will one day need to obtain certification. Teaching certification is a crucial step in the process of becoming an employed teacher, and it exists at both the state and national level.
How to Become a Social Worker in the United States

Career options for holders of a social work degree vary widely. Social workers can be anything from child protection case managers to licensed clinical counselors; from community organizers to political advocates.
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