Vatican City Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Baccalaureato in Diritto CanonicoBaccalaureate in Canon Law / Roman Catholic Church LawSubscribe
Baccalaureato in FilosofiaBaccalaureate in PhilosophySubscribe
Baccalaureato in Scienze ReligioseBaccalaureate in Religious ScienceSubscribe
Baccalaureato in TeologiaBaccalaureate in TheologySubscribe
Licenza in FilosofiaLicentiate in PhilosophySubscribe
Diploma in Teologia PastoralePastoral Theology DiplomaSubscribe
Giurisprudenza in Diritto CanonicoJurisprudence in TheologySubscribe
Licenza in Dirtto CanonicoLicentiate in Canon LawSubscribe
Licenza in Scienze ReligioseLicentiate in Religious ScienceSubscribe
Licenza in TeologiaLicentiate in TheologySubscribe
Dottorato in Diritto CanonicoDoctorate in Canon LawSubscribe
Dottorato in FilosofiaDoctorate in PhilosophySubscribe
Dottorato in TeologiaDoctorate in TheologySubscribe

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