Education System in Uzbekistan

Primary Education

In Uzbekistan 11 years of education are compulsory and free, beginning with 4 years at primary school, and followed by 2 phases of secondary education taking 5 and 2 years respectively. Primary school begins at age 6 and there is no specific leaving examination after the 4 years are complete.

Secondary Education

The next 5 years are spent at general secondary school from ages 10 to 15. Following that, there is a choice of between 2 to 3 years of upper education at either general or technical vocational schools. The former provides a certificate of completed secondary education and the opportunity to enter university, the latter a diploma of specialized secondary education, through a network of secondary vocational institutions.

Vocational Education

Unemployment remains relatively high, and there are many people desperately in need of new or more appropriate skills. There are a number of state and donor programs in place to address the structural training shortfall. Eventually, the goal is to meet European union standards.

Tertiary Education

Uzbekistan EducationNon university-level tertiary education is provided by national enterprise training centers and a number of business schools, as well as lycea that train professionals in new economic and service fields. Higher education is available from several universities and over 50 higher education institutes.

The flagship is the Taškent Islamic University opened not many years ago. On its grounds still stands the mausoleum of the grandfather of the Mughal Emperor Basbur dating from the 15th Century.

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