Uzbekistan Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
Certificate of Secondary EducationO'rta Ma'lumot To'g'risida ShahodatnomaSubscribe
Certificate of Basic Secondary EducationTayanch o‘rta ta’lim to‘g‘risida shahodatnomaSubscribe
Certificate of General Secondary EducationUmumiy o‘rta ta’lim to‘g‘risida shahodatnomaSubscribe
Diploma of Postsecondary Vocational EducationO’rta maxsus ta’lim to'g'risidagi diplomSubscribe
Bachelor's DiplomaBakalavr DiplomiSubscribe
Master's DiplomaMagistr DiplomiSubscribe
Diploma in DentistryTish Shifokori DiplomiSubscribe
Diploma of PhysicianShifokor DiplomiSubscribe
PhDFanlar DoktoriSubscribe

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