Turkiye Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
İlköğretim DiplomasiPrimary Education DiplomaSubscribe
HazirlikPreparation CertificateSubscribe
Lise DiplomasiSecondary School DiplomaSubscribe
Teknik Lise DiplomasiTechnical High School DiplomaSubscribe
Meskek Lise Diplomasi Vocational Secondary School DiplomaSubscribe
Önlisans DerecesiAssociate DegreeSubscribe
Meslek Yüksek Okulu DiplomasiniAssociate DegreeSubscribe
Lisans Derecesi / DiplomasiBachelor's DegreeSubscribe
Mühendislik DiplomasiEngineering DiplomaSubscribe
Pedagojik Formasyon Eğitimi SertifikaPedagogical Formation Education CertificateSubscribe
Dishekimligi Lisans DiplomasiDentistry Licentiate DiplomaSubscribe
Veteriner Hekim UnvanıDoctor of Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Tip Doktoru Lisans DiplomasiMedical Doctor Licentiate DiplomaSubscribe
Yüksek Lisans DiplomasiHigher Licentiate DiplomaSubscribe
Lisans ve Yüksek Lisans DiplomasiIntegrated Higher Licentiate DiplomaSubscribe
Bilim Uzmanliği DiplomasiScience Specialist DiplomaSubscribe
Uzmanlik BelgesiSpecialist CertificateSubscribe
Doktora DiplomasiDoctorateSubscribe

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