Education System in Thailand

Primary Education

Education in Thailand is largely a government responsibility provided through the ministry of education. Two to three years of kindergarten begins this process, followed by 6 years of primary school. The Thai school year is from may to march for primary and middle school, while secondary schools begin one month later. Uniforms are also compulsory during tertiary education.

Middle Education

Three years of middle school follow, where students continue with core subjects including Thai language, arts and music, maths, physical and social science, technology and foreign languages. From here though, vocational students follow a different path.

Secondary Education

At high school, students who wish to continue academic education move on to elective courses. Of these, the science and maths / english programs are most popular – other choices include foreign languages and social science. In this way, they are already preparing for tertiary education that may follow..

Vocational Education

Thai vocational education system is grounded in high school where students may choose to adopt this more practical form of education.  Here they may aspire to two levels of qualification too. These are a certificate in vocational education, and a higher diploma that opens to the door to a university degree. After reaching school-leaving age, a Thai may also enrol for a technical diploma.

Tertiary Education

Thailand EducationBoth private and public colleges of higher education and universities are regulated by the ministry of education. They offer excellent study programs in arts, medicine, humanities and information technology. However many young Thai citizens still prefer to study subjects like law and business abroad.

The oldest and most prestigious university in Thailand is Chulalongkorn founded in 1917. It attracts many of the nation’s best students and enjoys an fine international reputation.

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