South Africa Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
General Education and Training CertificateGeneral Education and Training CertificateSubscribe
General Education and Training CertificateGeneral Education and Training CertificateSubscribe
National Technical Certificate N1National Technical Certificate N1Subscribe
National Technical Certificate N2National Technical Certificate N2Subscribe
National Senior CertificateNational Senior CertificateSubscribe
National Technical Certificate N3National Technical Certificate N3Subscribe
Senior Certificate with MatriculationSenior Certificate with MatriculationSubscribe
Higher National DiplomaHigher National DiplomaSubscribe
National CertificateNational CertificateSubscribe
Certificate in EducationCertificate in EducationSubscribe
Higher National CertificateHigher National CertificateSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's Degree Subscribe
Bachelor of AccountingBachelor of AccountingSubscribe
Bachelor of CommerceBachelor of CommerceSubscribe
National DiplomaNational DiplomaSubscribe
Bachelor Honours DegreeBachelor Honours DegreeSubscribe
Bachelor of ArchitectureBachelor of ArchitectureSubscribe
Bachelor of Science in NursingBachelor of Science in NursingSubscribe
Bachelor of TechnologyBachelor of TechnologySubscribe
Bachelor's Degree (Arts, Science)Bachelor's Degree (Arts, Science)Subscribe
Higher Diploma in EducationHigher Diploma in EducationSubscribe
Higher Diploma in Education following a Diploma in EducationHigher Diploma in Education following a Diploma in EducationSubscribe
Postgraduate DiplomaPostgraduate DiplomaSubscribe
Bachelor of DentistryBachelor of DentistrySubscribe
Bachelor of LawsBachelor of LawsSubscribe
Bachelor of Laws following a Bachelor of CommerceBachelor of Laws following a Bachelor of CommerceSubscribe
Bachelor of MedicineBachelor of MedicineSubscribe
Bachelor of PharmacyBachelor of PharmacySubscribe
Bachelor of Veterinary ScienceBachelor of Veterinary ScienceSubscribe
Higher Diploma in Education - Post-GraduateHigher Diploma in Education - Post-GraduateSubscribe
Master in Business AdministrationMaster in Business AdministrationSubscribe
Master of Arts and ScienceMaster of Arts and ScienceSubscribe
Master of CommerceMaster of CommerceSubscribe
Master of EducationMaster of EducationSubscribe
Master of TechnologyMaster of TechnologySubscribe
Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of PhilosophySubscribe
Doctor of TechnologyDoctor of TechnologySubscribe
Master of LawsMaster of LawsSubscribe

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