Education System in Serbia

Primary Education

From age 7 to age 15 education is compulsory in Serbia, and this is divided into 2 equal periods following a mandatory 1-year pre-primary period. Consequently children spend 4 years at primary school.

Secondary Education

The 4 years of secondary education are taken at high school, where subjects include natural and social sciences, and languages and mathematics. The concluding examination is the Diploma o Završenoj Srednjoj Školi.

Vocational Education

Young people also have the alternative of attending secondary vocational school instead. There they may study for 2 years to obtain a vocational qualification, or remain on for the full 4 year period for further specialization.

Tertiary Education

Serbia EducationHigher education options in Serbia include 2-year programs at post-secondary schools, and bachelors, masters and doctorate qualifications at university level.

The most venerable institution is Belgrade University founded in 1905 and illustrated here, having evolved from an earlier teachers college and lyceum. It has 31 faculties, 8 research institutes, and a system of libraries and information centers. Over time it has awarded more than 330,000 bachelors degrees, plus an extensive range of higher qualifications too.

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