Romania Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Diplomă de bacalaureatBaccalaureate diplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de Absolvire a LiceuluiSecondary Education Graduation DiplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de subenginerDiploma of Junior EngineerSubscribe
Diplomă de absolvire IIGraduation Diploma IISubscribe
Diplomă de LicenţăLicentiate DiplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de inginerEngineer DiplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de absolvire a scolii postuniversitareGraduation Diploma from post-university schoolsSubscribe
Diplomă de Licenţă de doctor-medic veterinarDiploma de Licenta in Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Diplomă de urbanist / arhitectDiploma in ArchitectureSubscribe
Diplomă de doctor-medic veterinarDiploma in Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Diplomă de doctor-medicDoctor of Medicine DiplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de Licenţă in farmacieLicentiate Diploma in PharmacySubscribe
Diplomă de MasterMaster's diplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de DoctorDoctorateSubscribe

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