Education System in Qatar

Primary Education

Education is Qatar respects the tradition and conservative nature of its people, while espousing latest technology and pedagogic methods. While the 6 years of primary education are compulsory, all state schooling is free. Unusually, private schools are actively encouraged too, with all costs covered.

Middle Education

Three years of middle school follow, where a standard academic curriculum is followed at all state and private schools.

Secondary Education

There are 19 secondary schools for boys, and 22 for girls, as well as a number of private ones of both kinds. The government is experimenting with alternatives to general education, and has recently opened two scientific secondary schools.

Vocational Education

The department of training and vocational development supplies the nation’s skilled and semi-skilled requirements. More recently programs were introduced to train girls in secretarial and general office skills.

Tertiary Education

Qatar EducationThe primary tertiary education institution is the University of Qatar established in 1973, and illustrated here. There are two campuses – one for boys and one for girls, and its faculties include administration & economics, education, engineering, humanities & social sciences, science, technology, and shari’a & islamic studies.

The medium of instruction is English for natural science, business and engineering programs, and Arabic for the rest.

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