Education System in Namibia

Primary Education

The Namibian education system has been evolving since the nation achieved independence, although the dream of equal education for all remains tantalizingly unreached. A program of pre-primary education is unrolling, and is hoped to be completed by 2013. Pupils spend their first 7 years at primary school from age 6, where they are promoted from grade to grade on the basis of competencies.

Middle Education

Secondary education takes place in Namibia in 2 phases, of which the first 3 years are spent in a middle school environment and culminate in the junior secondary school certificate examination. After that, students have a choice between continuing with an academic curriculum, or focusing on their working careers instead.

Secondary Education

The final 2 years of secondary school are optional and paid for, and this education is mainly available only in urban areas.  Should students wish to study at a university afterwards, then they must either pass their international general certificate of education moderated by Cambridge University, or their higher international general certificate of education that is marked there too.

Vocational Education

The Namibian government is in the process of revamping its vocational training centers so as to make a more meaningful contribution to trade and industry. This includes developing a wide variety of unit standards to ensure that a competent, job-ready worker is produced.

Tertiary Education

Namibia EducationThere are 2 general tertiary education institutions in Namibia (and a further 3 specialized ones) namely the Polytechnic of Namibia and the University of Namibia. While the former admits students with a qualifying Grade 12 Certificate, the latter is more restrictive.

The University depicted here was established in Windhoek in 1992, and has faculties that include agriculture & natural sciences, economics & management science, education, humanities & social science, law, medical & health science, and engineering & information technology.

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