Education System in Malta

Primary Education

Education on the Island of Malta begins with 6 years of primary school in a largely coeducational environment. The first 2 years allow pupils space to settle down, Thereafter matter are more earnest as they work their way towards their junior lyceum examination, that they must pass in order to continue with their education at secondary level.

Secondary Education

There are several options at secondary level. The academic program followed at lyceums comprises 2 years of orientation followed by 3 of specialization, and perhaps 2 more, if 6th form followed by university are on the horizon. General schools have 3 years of orientation, followed by 2 of specialization that link through to vocational colleges and institutes. Low achievers attend special schools, where after they could follow a vocational training strand.

Vocational Education

The ministry of further studies and adult education, sets standards for lifelong learning programs. These consist of knowledge strands that may be followed to enhance a particular vocational skill to the level desired.

Tertiary Education

Malta EducationHigher education is available in Malta through a blend of technical and vocational colleges where hands-on skills are learned, and through the University of Malta where degrees and teaching qualifications are obtained.

The latter illustrated here was established by Jesuits in 1768 as the Collegium Malitense. It has 13 faculties today, namely built environment, arts, dental surgery, economics, management & accountancy, education, engineering, health sciences, information & communication technology, law, media & knowledge sciences, medicine & surgery, science, and theology.

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