Education System in Luxembourg

Primary Education

In Luxembourg, children are educated in Luxemburgish, French or German, with education in the other 2 languages forming part of the curriculum too. Education is paid for and compulsory between age 4 and age 16 and there are no exceptions. Following an optional period of early childhood education, Luxemburgish children enroll at preschool at age 4 for 2 years. Six years of primary schooling follow, divided into 3 phases each of 2 years. Most schools provide lunch, and textbooks are supplied free of charge.

Secondary Education

At the end of primary school an assessment is made to determine the best course for each child to follow, based on parent’s wishes, teacher’s advice and academic performance. A panel makes the final decision between general education at a lycée classique, and one more technically focused at a lycée technique. The first year that follows is similar regardless of their decision. Following that, the subject matter becomes increasingly refined in terms of academic, professional, artistic or technical preference. University is open to all students who successfully obtain their diplôme de fin d’etudes.

Vocational Education

Two lycée techniques offer two-year brevet de technician superior courses in the fields of accounting, international trade, management, marketing, motion pictures and secretarial studies. The government is fully committed to the concept of lifelong education, and onward training at work and at private colleges is a feature of national life.

Tertiary Education

Luxembourg EducationThe Université de Luxembourg is the nation’s only tertiary institution, and teachers are trained there too. It has an international flavor being multilingual, is focused on research, and is renowned for its dynamic yet personal atmosphere. Its faculties include science, technology & communication, economy & finance, and literature, social sciences, arts & education.

There are campuses at Kirchberg, Walferdange and Limpertsberg (illustrated here).

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