Education System in Libya

Primary Education

The first 9 years of school education in Libya are compulsory and free. This basic education program includes lessons in Arabic, Islamic languages, Jamahiriyi society, mathematics, natural sciences, history, geography, art, music, and technical and physical education.The first 6 years of this take place at primary school.

Middle Education

The final 3 years of basic education take place at middle school. Upon completion, a basic education certificate may be awarded, following which pupils have the choice of finding work, or going on to secondary school.

Secondary Education

Grades 10 to 12 at secondary school complete the Libyan schooling cycle at general level, where students may choose between science and arts to prepare to go on to university. Should they prefer to go to technical secondary school instead, then they may spend 4 years studying one of economics, arts and media, biology, engineering or social sciences there, with a view to perhaps spending time at a higher institution later too.

Vocational Education

Vocational education programs are available to pupils who do not complete their 9 years of basic education, although they may receive these during this period too. Over 44 programs are available in fields as diverse as electrical & mechanical, building & carpentry, architectural, agricultural and marine fishing, and even in what are referred to locally as female vocations.

Tertiary Education

Libya EducationHigher education in Libya is provided by both general and specialized universities, and polytechnics, higher institutes and teacher training colleges too.

There are 8 universities of which the University of Libya (depicted here) is the oldest having been founded in 1955. In 1973 it spawned the Universities of Benghazi (Garyounis) and Tripoli (Al Fateh).

There is also an Open University based in Tripoli, but with 16 branch campuses spread throughout the country.

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