Libya Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Basic Education CertificateBasic Education CertificateSubscribe
General Secondary School CertificateGeneral Secondary School CertificateSubscribe
Intermediate Training DiplomaIntermediate Training DiplomaSubscribe
Specialized Secondary Education CertificateSpecialized Secondary Education CertificateSubscribe
Teacher Training Secondary Education CertificateTeacher Training Secondary Education CertificateSubscribe
Higher Technician DiplomaHigher Technician DiplomaSubscribe
Bachelor's degreeBachelor's degreeSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree in EngineeringBachelor's Degree in EngineeringSubscribe
Basic Education Teacher CertificateBasic Education Teacher CertificateSubscribe
Secondary School Teacher CertificateSecondary School Teacher CertificateSubscribe
Bachelor Degree in DentistryBachelor Degree in DentistrySubscribe
Bachelor Degree in MedicineBachelor Degree in MedicineSubscribe
Bachelor Degree in PharmacyBachelor Degree in PharmacySubscribe
Bachelor Degree in Veterinary MedicineBachelor Degree in Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Advanced DiplomaAdvanced DiplomaSubscribe
Master of Arts and Master of ScienceMaster of Arts and Master of ScienceSubscribe

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