Canada - Nova Scotia Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Secondary School DiplomaSecondary School DiplomaSubscribe
Advanced DiplomaAdvanced DiplomaSubscribe
Diploma in EngineeringDiploma in EngineeringSubscribe
Diploma in Practical NursingDiploma in Practical NursingSubscribe
Diploma in Veterinary TechnologyDiploma in Veterinary TechnologySubscribe
Diplôme des Sciences Pré-vétérinairesDiploma of Pre-Veterinary SciencesSubscribe
Pharmacy Technician DiplomaPharmacy Technician DiplomaSubscribe
Diplôme Préparatoire en Sciences de la SantéPreparatory Diploma in Health SciencesSubscribe
Baccalauréat BaccalaureateSubscribe
Bachelor of Environmental Design StudiesBachelor of Environmental Design StudiesSubscribe
Bachelor's DegreeBachelor's DegreeSubscribe
Bachelor's of Science in NursingBachelor's of Science in NursingSubscribe
Bachelor of LawsBachelor of LawsSubscribe
Bachelor of EducationBachelor of EducationSubscribe
Master of ArchitectureMaster of ArchitectureSubscribe
Master of ArchitectureMaster of ArchitectureSubscribe
Master of Nursing/Master of Science in NursingMaster of Nursing/Master of Science in NursingSubscribe
Master's DegreeMaster's DegreeSubscribe
Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Dental SurgeryDoctor of Medicine/Doctor of Dental SurgerySubscribe
Doctor of PharmacyDoctor of PharmacySubscribe
Doctor of NursingDoctor of NursingSubscribe
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Subscribe

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