Education System in British Virgin Islands

Primary Education

Education in the British Virgin Islands is compulsory from age 5 to 17 and largely free. Approximately 2,700 pupils attend primary school for the first 7 years of this, where they learn the basics of an academic curriculum.

Secondary Education

Secondary education completes the process during the following 5 years, following which students may write their Caribbean secondary education certificate examination. Of the approximately 2,700 children who entered primary school, less than 1,800 will be successful in the end.

Tertiary Education

British Virgin Islands EducationStudents who wish to, may remain on for a further 2 years and pass their Caribbean advanced placement examinations too. This will entitle them to study further at the University of the Virgin Islands which is the nation's sole tertiary education institution.

It has branches on both St Thomas and St Croix where students may study for associate, bachelors and masters degrees. This uniquely Caribbean facility has schools of business, education, liberal arts & social sciences, nursing, and science & mathematics.

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