Education System in Botswana

Primary Education

Education in Botswana is free for the first 10 years, which completes the cycle through middle school. The first 7 years of this are at primary school, where the pupil-teacher ratio is approximately 13 to 1.The medium of education is Setswana for the 1st 4 years, thereafter English.

Middle Education

Progression to middle school is no longer contingent on a pupil passing their primary school leaving examination.  At the end of their form 3 year though, students must sit for their compulsory junior secondary examination. If they pass then they may study further. In either event they may also go to work, because their compulsory education program is complete.

Secondary Education

Secondary school, where the pupil teacher ratio has dropped to 24 to 1 takes 2 more years. It culminates in the senior secondary examination, which is a pre-requisite for tertiary education of any kind.

Vocational Education

The Botswana Training Authority regulates the standard of vocational training across the entire spectrum, in order to promote the development of an integrated system that's accessible to all.

Tertiary Education

Botswana EducationThere are a variety of tertiary education institutions in Botswana, including colleges of accounting and agriculture, and institutes of administration, commerce, and health sciences.

Chief among these is the University of Botswana opened in 1964. It has over 17,000 students spread across its faculties of business, education, engineering & technology, humanities, science, and social sciences. Programs include certificates, and bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.

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