Education System in Bhutan

PrimaryPrimary School1–66–126All Bhutan Primary Certificate Examination
MiddleMiddle School 7–812–142Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education
SecondaryLower Secondary9–102Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate
SecondaryUpper Secondary11–122 
TertiaryBachelors degree3 
TertiaryBachelors (Honours) degree program4and Bachelor in Computers
TertiaryPost-Graduate Diploma21.5 - 2 years following a Bachelors degree
TertiaryMaster of Education2–44 years of part-time study

Primary Education

Education in Bhutan in the mountainous region between China and India is a voluntary affair, because many of the people live in far-flung places where they follow traditional lives. In larger settlements where primary schools exist, children are taught for seven years, mainly in English.

Secondary Education

Even fewer children complete a further four years of secondary education, which follows a general academic curriculum without opportunities for specialization. More wealthy parents have the choice of sending children to private schools instead, often in foreign countries.

Tertiary Education

Bhutan EducationThere is a single higher-level junior college, and two teacher training colleges. The sole tertiary institution is the University of Bhutan, founded by royal decree in 2003 and illustrated here.

Its faculties offer diplomas and degree courses in science & technology, business studies, traditional medicine, language & culture, education, health sciences, natural resources, and management. Students whose needs are not catered for will study elsewhere abroad.

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