Grading System in Belgium

Belgium GPA calculator

Grading scales:


Grade Grade Description US Grade
A Excellent A
B Very Good AB
C Good B
D Satisfactory BC
E Sufficient C
Z Requirements Fulfilled S
FX Fail F
F Fail F


Scale Grade Description US Grade
20.00 Met de grootste onderscheiding (With highest honors) A+
18.00 - 19.99 Met de grootste onderscheiding (With full praise / with highest honors) A+
16.00 - 17.99 Met grote onderscheiding (With great praise with high honors) A
14.00 - 15.99 Met onderscheiding (With praise / with honors) B
12.00 - 13.99 Voldoening (With reward / satisfactory) C
10.00 - 11.99 Geslaagd (With reward/pass) C-
8.00 - 9.99 Niet geslaagd (Fail, possibility of deliberation by compensation) F
0.00 - 7.99 Niet outvankelijk (Fail, without the possiblity of deliberation by compensation) F


Scale Grade Description US Grade
20.00 La plus grande distinction avec les félicitations du jury (The highest distinction with the congratulations of the jury) A+
18.00 - 19.99 La plus grande distinction (The highest distinction) A
16.00 - 17.99 Grande distinction (High distinction) A-
13.00 - 15.99 Distinction (Distinction) B
10.00 - 12.99 Satisfaction (Satisfactory) C
0.00 - 9.99 Fail F

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