Education System in Belarus

Primary Education

Education in Belarus is free and compulsory from age 6 to 15 and the system is well administered. From age 6 to 10 children attend primary school where they receive a basic grounding in literacy and numeracy.

Middle Education

Thereafter pupils go on to basic secondary school for 5 years culminating in a certificate of basic education at age 15. The curriculum continues to be academically based and universal across the state.

Secondary Education

When students enter senior secondary school level they are faced with a raft of choices regarding the route of education they wish to take. They may remain in the academic stream for 3 years at gymnasiums. They may attend vocational classes at lyceums for 2 years. Or they may train at a strictly practical level at colleges and obtain a trade.

Vocational Education

A network of institutions throughout Belarus provides refresher courses and reskilling opportunities in a country where ongoing education remains a priority. Fees are charged and there is little central control.

Tertiary Education

Belarus EducationIn Belarus there are 44 state controlled tertiary institutions, namely 31 universities, 6 academies, 2 institutes, and 4 higher colleges. In total about 300,000 students are enrolled.

The most venerable is the Belarusian State University established in 1921. Its 17 faculties present a wide range of educational opportunities and these do not include a range of educational and scientific research institutes. There are approximately 5000 students there.

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