Australia Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Primary EducationPrimary EducationSubscribe
Junior Secondary Certificate of EducationJunior Secondary Certificate of EducationSubscribe
Certificate of ProficiencyCertificate of ProficiencySubscribe
High School CertificateHigh School CertificateSubscribe
Statement of Vocational Education and TrainingStatement of Vocational Education and TrainingSubscribe
Associate DegreeAssociate DegreeSubscribe
Australian Qualifications Framework Advanced DiplomaAustralian Qualifications Framework Advanced DiplomaSubscribe
Advanced CertificateAdvanced CertificateSubscribe
Diploma in EducationDiploma in EducationSubscribe
Higher Teacher CertificateHigher Teacher CertificateSubscribe
Ordinary Bachelor's DegreeOrdinary Bachelor's DegreeSubscribe
University DiplomaUniversity DiplomaSubscribe
Bachelor of EducationBachelor of EducationSubscribe
Bachelor's DegreeBachelor's DegreeSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree in ArchitectureBachelor's Degree in ArchitectureSubscribe
Double Bachelor's DegreeDouble Bachelor's DegreeSubscribe
Graduate Certificate IGraduate Certificate ISubscribe
Graduate Certificate IIGraduate Certificate IISubscribe
Graduate Diploma of EducationGraduate Diploma of EducationSubscribe
Honours Bachelor's DegreeHonours Bachelor's DegreeSubscribe
Bachelor of LawsBachelor of LawsSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree in DentistryBachelor's Degree in DentistrySubscribe
Bachelor's Degree in Medicine SurgeryBachelor's Degree in Medicine SurgerySubscribe
Vocational Graduate DiplomaVocational Graduate DiplomaSubscribe
Australian Qualifications Framework Graduate DiplomaAustralian Qualifications Framework Graduate DiplomaSubscribe
Master's DegreeMaster's DegreeSubscribe
Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of PhilosophySubscribe
Doctorate DegreeDoctorate DegreeSubscribe
Higher DoctorateHigher DoctorateSubscribe

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