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FERPA Compliance

Scholaro Premium and FERPA

The Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students’ education records.

Scholaro is aware that Customers using Scholaro Premium may enter student information that is considered confidential under FERPA.

Scholaro maintains reasonable administrative, physical, and technical standards to ensure that no unauthorized person is able to gain access to any student information that may be considered confidential under FERPA. This includes:

  1. Data Privacy. Scholaro does not monitor or disclose the content of Customer Data you submit to us except as the educational institution directs, as described in the contract, or as required by law. We commit to using customer data only to provide organizations with our software-as-a-service solution.
  2. Physical Safeguards. Microsoft Azure is our third-party cloud hosting provider. Azure has world-class physical and environmental security managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft. More on Azure infrastructure security is available here.
  3. If any of your users contact Scholaro support team, we would not provide them with any information about their application materials – the user would be referred to a member of your staff if such a request was made.

Scholaro enables Customers to comply with their FERPA obligations when using our services.

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