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Most people probably do not know who Dr. George Barker Jeffery was. He was a prominent early-20th century mathematical physicist, having done research in the field of mathematics since his early twenties. Those who have studied the Theory of Relativity might recognize his name because Dr. Jeffery is also famous for having translated groundbreaking essays on the Theory of Relativity.

When looking into graduate school programs in the United States, many international students come across the same problem: their Bachelor’s degree was three years rather than four. This can be alarming for students when they are already stressed about applying to graduate programs.

The GPA is especially important as colleges and universities struggle to adapt to the challenges placed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many institutions that previously relied on standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT are waiving this requirement because of test date cancellations around the world.

One of the oldest systems of higher education in the world, the Catholic Church is not known for being the first to change. But, for those of you who have kept on the edge of your seat for the last forty years, we finally have an update to the ecclesiastical educational guidelines of the Holy See.

When evaluating credentials from the Philippines, one of the main points of confusion can be the Special Order (SO) number. When do we need them? When do we not need them? Why doesn’t this diploma have one? These are all common questions that can be easily answered by understanding the main function of the SO number.

Many Czech educational terms can be translated into English multiple ways, and certain English academic terms have multiple Czech translations. There are key steps to translating the correct meaning of words in phrases.
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