As Colleges Drop ACT and SAT, Your GPA Is More Important Than Ever


A Grade Point Average (GPA) has always been an important part of the university admissions process in the United States. A GPA is a mathematical average of grade points assigned for performance in each course, factored by the weighting for each course. In simpler terms, this is the average grade calculated from all the courses you’ve taken in your program. Each US student strives for a high GPA to gain an admissions advantage to selective colleges and universities. Similarly, international students also have to focus on their GPA.

The GPA is especially important as colleges and universities struggle to adapt to the challenges placed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Most institutions in the United States are closed for the remainder of the Spring semester at the very least, and all studies are being done online. As a result of this rapid transition, much of the grading has switched to Pass/Fail, and does not get factored into a GPA. Many institutions that previously relied on standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT are waiving this requirement because of test date cancellations around the world. Even the University of California system just announced suspending admissions testing requirements. 

How can this work in your favor as an international applicant? It puts the focus on the grades you already earned, specifically your GPA. Admissions officers have less data than usual to make an informed admissions decision. However, they still need to fill their classes with qualified applicants. For this reason, it is imperative that your GPA is correctly calculated.

To calculate a GPA for an international applicant, the grades for each class are first converted to the US A-F scale. It does not matter if the foreign scales is based on 100 points, like China, or uses letter grades from O to F or A to E, like some schools in India, or any other grading scale. Everything is converted into the US A-F scale, and a mathematical average is calculated. The challenge is to do this consistently and fairly. This is where Scholaro Premium GPA comes in.

With Scholaro Premium GPA, you can use software to convert your international grades into a US GPA calculation. Scholaro’s Premium GPA grade conversion scales are transparent, and you control the data that you’re entering, eliminating the risk of mistakes. By having a Scholaro Premium GPA prepared, you know your GPA even before you apply for admission, helping you to make the best choice for your future, and to advocate for your academic accomplishments to date.

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