Is There an Alternative For WES Evaluations?


The short and direct answer is, YES. There are multiple evaluation services to choose from.  When searching for these evaluation companies, you need to be sure that the company is a member of an association that meets your needs. The US Department of Education lists AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.) and NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) organizations.

You will need to check with your institution or employer to see which recognizing body they are members or affiliates of. You can look at the list of members on each of these sites. WES (World Education Services) would be listed under NACES, as Scholaro, would be listed under AICE. Most schools and companies have their own policies they follow regarding credential evaluations acceptance, so it is important to check with them.

While most of us are working remotely, this is a good time to research different evaluation companies to be sure they meet your moral and ethical needs, as well as the services needed. Scholaro is an evaluation company, as mentioned above. We are recognized by AICE. What sets us apart from other evaluation companies is our flexibility with documents. We accept electronic copies of your documents. Meaning you can scan or take a picture of the documents needed for your evaluation. Our turnaround time is 5-7 business days. We offer rush services that will have your report electronically ready the Next Day or in 3 business days.

One of Scholaro’s goals is to make the process of credential evaluation more efficient. We offer a validation service, which allows institutions and employers to validate your electronic evaluation report on our website instantly. This way, you will not have to print or mail a paper copy of these documents to all the institutions or jobs of your choosing.

There are several evaluation companies to choose from when looking to have a credential evaluation completed. When researching evaluation companies, be sure that the company is recognized by AICE or NACES. Always check with employers or institutions for the company in which they accept credential evaluations from. When doing research on evaluation companies, be sure that the company’s ethics and standards meets yours.  Importantly, make sure that that the company can provide the services needed for your evaluation report.

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