Belgium Credentials

CredentialLocal NameUS Equivalence
Certificate of Primary EducationCertificat d'Etudes de BaseSubscribe
Certificate of Lower Secondary EducationCertificat d'Enseignement Secondaire InférieurSubscribe
Certificate of Higher Secondary EducationGetuigschrift van Hoger Secundair OnderwijsSubscribe
Diploma of Qualification Giving Access to Higher EducationBekwaamheidsdiploma dat Toegang Verleet tot het Hoger OnderwijsSubscribe
Higher Secondary Technical EducationDiplome d'Enseignement Technique Secondaire SupérieurSubscribe
Diploma of Secondary EducationDiploma van Secundair OnderwijsSubscribe
Bachelor Degree Subscribe
Master Degree Subscribe
Engineer DegreeIngenieurSubscribe
Licentiate in DentistryLicense en Sciences DentairesSubscribe
Pharmacist DegreePharmicienSubscribe
Doctor in Medicine, Surgery and ObstetricsDoctorat en Médecine, Chirurgie et AccouchementsSubscribe
Doctor in Veterinary MedicineDoctorat en Médecine VéterinaireSubscribe
Special DoctorateDoctorat SpécialeSubscribe

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