Education System in the United Kingdom

Primary Education

The United Kingdom benefits from a highly evolved education system. Details are delegated to semi-autonomous regions, although overall the system is the same. At age 5 children enter primary school where they complete their basic first stages and basic second stages of their grounding education.

Middle Education

At age 7 children move on to junior school where they remain for four years while receiving their introduction the basics of an academic education. Although core subjects are prescribed they are encouraged to take extra subjects like art, computer studies and music too

Secondary Education

After completing junior school, students move on to comprehensive school until they reach the age of 16. Here standards are higher asnd programs more challenging. Those who succeed receive a general / vocational certificate of secondary education depending on the stream they followed. Thereafter they either stay on for two more years to complete their advanced level school education, take menial jobs or enroll for advanced vocational training.

Vocational Education

Non-university post-secondary education takes place at a variety of technical schools, colleges of higher education and accredited independent colleges offering a wide variety of courses leading to formal vocational qualifications. Through these, those United Kingdom youths who do not go on the university are assured the opportunities of groundings in successful lifetime careers.

Tertiary Education

United Kingdom EducationThe quality of United Kingdom universities is legion and students flock there from the 4 corners of the globe. The prescribed period for an undergraduate degree is 4 years, and these days more weight is gradually being added to assignments as opposed to formal examinations. Some universities offer crash two year programs with no vacations offered or allowed.

Following completion, graduate students may follow traditional paths through masters degrees, doctorates and research fellowships as they prefer.

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