Education System in St. Pierre and Miquelon

Primary Education

School education on the Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, located off the southern coast of the island of  Newfoundland, follows the French model and is compulsory for children between age 6 and 16. The primary education phase lasts for 5 years. The nation is small, and consequently there are often less than 1,000 students enrolled at primary level.

Middle Education

The next phase of education takes place at middle schools that are called colleges. The program takes a further 4 years, during which time a standardized academic curriculum applies. During this period a student’s future education orientation is decided that often influences their future working career.

Secondary Education

Education choices become available during the final 3 years of secondary school education. These include scientific, literary, and social & economic options. Successful students who complete the program are awarded a baccalauréat diploma.

Vocational Education

But these are not the only options for young people who complete college. They can enroll at  professional college instead to learn more about subjects like electronics, electrical engineering, joinery, woodworking, mechanics, and secretarial skills. Qualifications obtained include Certificats d'Aptitude Professionnelle and Baccalaureats Professionnelle.

Tertiary Education

St. Pierre and Miquelon EducationThere are no tertiary education institutions on the French-speaking Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, and so we provide an illustration of a leading secondary school instead.

There is however an extensive system of university bursaries available for students wishing to study in Canada or France. And so opportunities do exist for young persons aspiring to an academic future.

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