Education System in St. Maarten

Primary Education

Education on the Dutch dependency of St Maarten in the Caribbean Ocean is compulsory between the age of 4 and 18, and regarded as the right of every child because they deserve the opportunity to live productive and successful lives. There are 6 foundation-based primary schools where children attend for 6 years from age 6 to 12. Special educations needs are accommodated at Prins Willem Alexander School.

Secondary Education

The sole state secondary institution is St Maarten Vocational training school, where sandwich commercial, professional, and technical training is provided. This represents an important step forward in the tiny island nation’s efforts to educate its young citizens itself.

Tertiary Education

St Maarten EducationThe government of St Maarten maintains a comprehensive bursary program for young people intending to study further at university, whether on the island or on the South American, North American or European mainland.

In addition to the American University of the Caribbean that is an offshoot of the American medical training system, there is also the University of St Maarten which is illustrated here. It offers programs in conjunction with off-shore institutions, including degree courses in business, liberal arts, applied science, education, and hospitality.

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