Education System in St. Lucia

Primary Education

Education on the Caribbean island of St Lucia (which is compulsory between ages 5 and 15) attempts to provide a meaningful preparation for its junior citizens through a network of private and public schools, of which the latter charge no fees. Following time perhaps spent at pre-school, children enter primary school for 6 years to learn the rudiments of literacy, numeracy and social sciences.

Secondary Education

Secondary school education follows for those who pass their common entrance examination. After 3 years students may sit for their leaving examination or continue through to grade 12.

Vocational Education

There is little formalization of vocational training on St Lucia. Currently a pilot program is in place to assist 250 of the nation’s most vulnerable youth.

Tertiary Education

 St Lucia EducationTertiary education is provided through University of the West Indies distance learning programs, and the local Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, which is evolving into a degree-awarding institution, and is illustrated here.

It has 4 Divisions, namely Agriculture, Arts Science & General Studies, Teacher Education & Educational Administration, and Technical Education & Management Studies, and these are undergirded by 10 Departments. The nation has high hopes for its continuing contributions in the future.

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