Education System in St. Kitts and Nevis

Primary Education

Primary education in this Caribbean island nation is intended for children aged between 5 and 12. After 2 years of automatic promotion a series of tests is introduced, although the main purpose of this is to gauge suitability for middle school. Main outcomes are appropriate levels of literacy, numeracy, oral expression, and problem solving ability.

Middle Education

Middle schooling follows for 4 years. Students who leave after this education phase may go straight on to work, enroll at an advanced vocational center, or join the national skills training program.

Secondary Education

The 2 years of optional secondary school are the final phase of university preparation. At the end of year 1 students write the Caribbean examination council general proficiency examination. With 5 passes, they could go on to work, or complete 6th form at one of 2 local schools.

Vocational Education

The advanced vocational education center provides competency-based skills training through a 30/70 mix of theory and practical experience. Anybody aged 16 and older may use this opportunity to prepare for work, or to further sharpen their skills.

Tertiary Education

St Kitts and Nevis EducationThe Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College is the leading tertiary institution on St. Kitts and Nevis and offers a broad range of educational opportunities to the islanders.

These inclusive offerings include adult and continuing education at 12 centers throughout the federation, right through to University of the West Indies Level 1. Subjects taught are arts & sciences, health sciences, teacher education, technical & vocational education, and management studies. Perhaps one day it will become a fully-fledged university too.

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