Education System in St. Helena

Primary Education

The Atlantic Ocean Island of St Helena is so compact that it is possible to list all its schools here. There are three divisions, namely primary, secondary and teacher education. The Island has 2 Primary Schools, namely Half Tree Hollow and Longwood, where both programs last for 6 years.

Middle Education

Four years of academic middle school follow. These are taken at schools in Longwood and St Pauls.

Secondary Education

The Prince Andrew Community High School is the only secondary institution on the Island. Education is compulsory through to Grade 10, although many students elect to stay on and complete Grade 12 so that they can study at a higher level later.

Vocational Education

The Community School also provides evening classes for further and community education, with free public access to the library as well.

Tertiary Education

St Helena EducationThe Teacher Education Centre illustrated here represents to academic pinnacle on the Island, and provides free initial and ongoing education for the tiny nation’s teachers.

These include the 4 strands of initial teacher training, overseas training, in-service training and distance education too. Secondary school graduates who wish to study further in other directions travel across the ocean to Britain and South Africa, often benefitting from state bursaries as they do.

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