Education System in Solomon Islands

Primary Education

Education on the Solomon Islands is not compulsory, despite subsidies from major Oceanic nations, and less than 60% of children enter primary school for a mandatory 6 year period. Of those who do, 72% complete foundation school.

Secondary Education

Enrolment at secondary school is discouraging in a country where so many people remain at subsistence level. The gross rate is 32% for boys, but only 27% for girls. The curriculum is academic and takes 7 years to fully complete.

Vocational Education

The vast majority of the people are scattered in small villages among the islands. Many earn a subsistence living, where farming and fishing skills are passed down through generations.

Tertiary Education

Solomon Islands EducationHigher education opportunities are provided by the Solomon Islands Teachers College, the Honiara Technical Institute, and a branch of the University of the South Pacific. All three are in the capital city, effectively reducing the academic hopes of poorer tribes people to near-zero.

The newly established University of Honiara provides more hope for them, for it is a distance learning institution with virtual faculties of technology, education and business studies. It has successfully graduated students and is developing credible standards.

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