Education System in Slovak Republic

Primary Education

Education is mandatory in Slovakia from ages 6 to15. The 1st period of the foundation phase is taken at primary school over a period of 4 years. Here children learn to read and write and do their basic sums.

Middle Education

The 2nd part of the foundation phase takes place at middle schools known as základná škola Ii. stupeň, where the standardized curriculum continues to be academic for the entire 4 year period. Young people armed with their basic 8 year education are now free to go out to work as many do, or stay on at school to improve their prospects further.

Secondary Education

There are two main kinds of secondary schools in Slovakia, namely general and specialized institutions. The former continue with the general academic curriculum for a further 4 years leading to a secondary school leaving certificate. The latter provide more specific education of a technical, economic, agricultural, health-care or artistic nature. Their students also qualify with a secondary school leaving certificate after completing 4 years.

Vocational Education

Alternative vocational education is available at vocational secondary schools known as stredné odborné učilište that award apprenticeship certificates after 4 years of training, as well as other forms of professional training.

Tertiary Education

Slovakia EducationThere are a variety of universities and other places of higher learning in Slovakia. The largest of these in Comenius University in Bratislava that is illustrated here.

It was founded in 1919 shortly after the establishment of Czechoslovakia as an independent state, and has more than 30,000 students and over 2,000 faculty members. Faculties include medicine, pharmacy, law, philosophy, natural sciences, mathematics physics & informatics, physical education & sport, education, management, evangelical theology, and roman catholic theology.

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