Education System in Seychelles

Primary Education

Education in this small island state off the west coast of southern Africa, is compulsory for a 13-year period that includes pre-primary through secondary level. The medium of education is Creole through to grade 3, when some English is introduced to the curriculum. French is added in grade 6 in the final year of the primary school stage.

Middle Education

Middle school education takes place in regional secondary schools, and comprises grades S1 to S3.  Upon completion of this core secondary curriculum many students drift away from education.

Secondary Education

Those students who wish to study on perhaps with an eye for tertiary education remain at regional school to complete their grades S4 and S5. These enable them to compete for the National Certificate, alternatively for Cambridge 0 Levels.

Tertiary Education

Seychelles EducationThe sole tertiary education institution on the islands is the Seychelles Polytechnic in Mahe, opened in 1983 and illustrated here.

Today its energies are focused in three different core areas. These areas are a business and secretarial school, a visual arts program, and a partnership with the UK University of Manchester that allows it to present 1st Year degree programs. Students also have opportunities to study further in Africa and Europe, although bursaries are scarce.

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