Education System in Samoa

Primary Education

The literacy rate is estimated to be 97% in Samoa, where education is provided by the state in tandem with 5 religious missions, all following a common syllabus. The first 4 years of primary education take place at village schools, following which brighter pupils move on to district schools instead, where the medium of education is English. The only exception to this rule is found in Apia, where urban schools manage the entire process.

Secondary Education

The Samoan government controls all secondary schools where the medium is English again. It goes almost without saying that the few there are, are grouped in larger settlement areas, with children in outlying areas already forgotten.

Tertiary Education

Samoa EducationThere are several higher education institutions in Samoa, including the College of Tropical Agriculture and a Trades Training College.

The jewel in the tiny island nation’s crown though is the National University of Samoa established in 1984 to provide certificate, diploma and undergraduate degree programs, and also technical and vocational training.  Its faculties include Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Education, Nursing & Health Science, Science, Business & General Studies, Engineering, and Maritime Training. The complex is arranged around modern version of a fale, or traditional beach hut.

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