Education System in Reunion

Primary Education

Education on the Indian Ocean Island of Reunion is based on the French model as it is an overseas department of France. The first 6 years of education take place at primary schools, where the proportion of boys and girls is virtually 50:50.

Middle Education

Secondary Education

The second period of school education takes place at secondary schools. These include 77 colléges for children aged 11 to 15, and 45 lycées for high school students.

Vocational Education

A number of private training bodies and other institutions provide professional training and ongoing adult education.

Tertiary Education

Reunion EducationThe University of Reunion established in 1982 and illustrated here, remains the jewel in the nation’s education system.

It employs approximately 350 researcher teachers, has faculties of law & economic sciences, sciences & technologies , and literature and human sciences, as well as institutes of company management, linguistics & anthropology, and technology.

It is a center for regional education with 12,000 foreign students too.

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