Congo, Republic of the Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat ďEtudes Primaires et ElémentairesCertificate of Primary and Elementary StudiesSubscribe
Brevet ďEtudes du Premier CycleCertificate of First Cycle StudiesSubscribe
Brevet d'Etudes TechniqueCertificate of Technical StudiesSubscribe
Baccalauréat TechniqueTechnical BaccalaureateSubscribe
Brevet de TechnicienTechnician CertificateSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude au Professorat de ľEnseignement TechniqueCertificate of Ability for Teaching in Technical Upper Secondary SchoolSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude au Professorat dans ľEnseignement SecondaireCertificate of Ability for Teaching in Upper Secondary SchoolSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude au Professorat dans les Collèges ďEnseignement GénéralCertificate of Ability for Teaching in Lower Secondary SchoolSubscribe
Diplôme Universitaire ďEtudes ScientifiquesDiplôme Universitaire dEtudes ScientifiquesSubscribe
Brevet de Technicien SupérieurHigher Technician CertificateSubscribe
Diplôme Universitaire ďEtudes GénéralesUniversity Diploma of General StudiesSubscribe
Diplôme Universitaire ďEtudes LittérairesUniversity Diploma of Literary StudiesSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude au Professorat ďEducation Physique et SportiveCertificate of Ability for Teaching Physical Education and SportsSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtudes Comptables et FinancièresDiploma of Accounting and Financial StudiesSubscribe
Licence en Sciences de la Santé pour les InfirmiersLicentiate in Health Science for NursesSubscribe
Licence ProfessionnelleProfessional LicentiateSubscribe
Diplôme ďIngénieurDiploma of EngineerSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtudes ApprofondiesDiploma of Advanced StudiesSubscribe
Diplôme ďEtudes SupérieuresDiploma of Higher StudiesSubscribe
Doctorat ďEtat en MédecineState Doctorate in MedicineSubscribe

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