Education System in Netherlands Antilles

Primary Education

Education on the Islands of the Netherlands Antilles is based on the principle that every child has the right to develop to their full potential according to the tenets of the Dutch philosophy. Education is compulsory for 10 years, of which the first 6 are spent at primary school through to age 12.

Secondary Education

The last 5 school years of schooling are spent at secondary schools where students may choose between a general secondary, or a technical, or a vocational stream. Of the 70% who completed primary school only half complete their secondary cycle too, resulting in a literacy rate of just over 95%.

Tertiary Education

Netherlands Antilles EducationThe relatively small population restricts the scope for tertiary education institutions on the Islands of the Netherlands Antilles. Primary school teachers are trained at a College in Curacao, where the program comprises two years of mixed theory and practical, and one year of practical experience.

The sole university namely the Universiteit van de Nederlandse Antilles illustrated here, awards degrees in social sciences & economics, engineering including architectural, electrical, civil & mechanical, and law.

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