Nepal Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Middle SchoolMiddle SchoolSubscribe
Training Level CertificateTraining Level CertificateSubscribe
Craftsman CertificateCraftsman CertificateSubscribe
Secondary Education Examination Certificate (Grade 10)Secondary Education Examination Certificate (Grade 10)Subscribe
Proficiency CertificateProficiency CertificateSubscribe
School Leaving Certificate (Grade 12)School Leaving Certificate (Grade 12)Subscribe
Technical School Leaving CertificateTechnical School Leaving CertificateSubscribe
Bachelor's Degree (Three Years)Bachelor's Degree (Three Years)Subscribe
Bachelor's Degree (Four Years)Bachelor's Degree (Four Years)Subscribe
Post-Basic Bachelor of NursingPost-Basic Bachelor of NursingSubscribe
Bachelor in PharmacyBachelor in PharmacySubscribe
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of SurgeryBachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of SurgerySubscribe
Master's DegreeMaster's DegreeSubscribe
Post-Graduate DiplomaPost-Graduate DiplomaSubscribe
Master of PhilosophyMaster of PhilosophySubscribe
Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of PhilosophySubscribe

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